Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare

I would like every human life to be pure, transparent freedom (Simone de Beauvoir)

And again September has arrived. As usual, I emotionally close the holiday period just ended, I return to the commitments of my daily life and I never forget to dedicate some mental time to hypothesize the goals of my next trip: I like it and above all it facilitates the recovery. Ditto the blog: I leave in August, I suspend the writing because I force myself to leave the PC at home but I organize myself by tariff in order to live experiences of which he speaks when I return. Visiting Boston gave me the chance to see the “Gender Bending Fashion” exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts. An exhibition of over 60 items of clothing made by great designers who with their creations have managed to break the rigid gender duality in fashion, overturn the traditional ideas on clothing, moving away from a fashion transform as allowed and granted included or in the male or female world. Heads that obviously is also a story of the changes that have occurred in society over time. Which ones impressed me the most? Surely the first female trousers, a garment deemed inconceivable for “honest women” and condemned by law. Vivienne Westwood’s intuition in transforming the traditional kilt into a decidedly feminine tailleur is particularly interesting. The display of the outfits of chameleon-like and revolutionary lodges such as Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie is unforgettable. An exhibition that gave me the opportunity to see recently how fashion has been and is always at the forefront.Too bad for the setting: more care would have completed its success.