Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare


I am a Costumes Historian and a Style Coach.

I have a historical background, specifically in economic history: material culture, the world of objects, fundamental historical testimonies of everyday life and human consumption. Through a thorough work of document analysis I had the opportunity to make a sort of journey through history that allowed me to open trunks – the ancient armadi-, “browse” inside them, analyze their shapes and fabrics. A passion for costume that I have constantly continued to deepen and to actualize.

My other training has to do with the human soul, with the world of emotions and well-being. I mean style as a fundamental way of expressing oneself, of enhancing oneself, of expressing the richness of one’s inner world.

My job is to help people to identify their own style, to give an image of themselves that matches their way of being, that makes them feel good in every context and situation. To do this I carry out a systematic investigation of the desires, both from the stylistic point of view (types of clothing that please or not, colors …) and personal;

How do I want to feel wearing an item of clothing?

What image of me do I want to give?

Aspects that very often are not clear to the person but that are fundamental to build a “map” of their style that makes them feel good with what they wear and in the environments they frequent or would like to attend.

Many people unconsciously choose types of clothing that are unsuitable for certain places, situations, age or physical structure … help identify the appropriate style for every occasion.

Others are fashion victims: they simply shop to follow the current fashion wearing “stereotypes” that have nothing personal, help them to customize …

Fashion is for everyone but style is yours alone.

photo: Davide Dutto