Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare

The main task in everyone’s life is to give birth to himself.

(Erich Fromm)

And now let’s talk about me. I decided to give a different imprint to my blog, a media place that I like to define as “my prodottino” and precisely because I want it to reflect more deeply, it is right for my world to emerge in it. In these two years I have above all given space to articles relating to fashion with a view to further validating this reality that is too often unjustly associated with the futile. My interest in fashion was born at the university, when for the first time I discovered Economic History, a discipline that allowed me to understand how much clothing in the past had enormous cultural and social importance. And emotional. Each of us knows how it feels to be wearing something that we feel “uncomfortable”, that does not reflect what we would like to express. For years I myself struggled with my image: in high school I was a girl who always wore only jeans with shapeless sweaters. My motto was “go unnoticed and show” the content. Over the years I have changed. I wanted to change the sort of uniform that by now had its time and that I no longer felt mine. And so it was. I decided therefore to deepen my studies and my knowledge also with regard to the human soul, the world of emotions, with the desire to investigate what lies behind certain or lacking stylistic choices. Why do we make purchases that are hard to wear or leave us intact in the closet? What are the stylistic choices that make me feel good? Why don’t I do it? And a world has opened up to me. Complex but fascinating, so much to create the other part of me: the stylecoach. A guide that helps to identify one’s own style, investigating the sphere of emotions and personal tastes in order to orientate towards a clothing that really makes you feel good, thus allowing you to be at ease in the various contexts frequented and depending on the occasion. To feel beautiful and make purchases truly targeted to yourself. The outfits I recommend are based on good taste and away from any excess. I firmly believe that “too much stroppi”, always. I only recommend brands and places of purchase that I have tried and approved, which will always excite you. And the first one to get excited is me, when I see a smile in the eyes of my clients.

Holidays are imminent and I expect a trip to some very interesting places between Boston and Barbados. I will certainly have the opportunity to find inspiration for new articles …

Good summer!