Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare

Each hat has its hidden ideas (Alberto Casiraghy)

Not just any hat. The Borsalino, headgear par excellence. Its history began in 1857 in Alexandria, when the young hatter Giuseppe Borsalino together with his brother started a laboratory specialized in the production of high quality broad-brimmed felt hats. Manufacturing grew and became a large industry producing 2,500 hats a day. The style of Borsalino spread over European and international heads, becoming one of the first symbols of Italian fashion. Even the cinema could not do without it: iconic characters played by Humphrey Bogart, Harrison Ford, John Belushi. In the Sixties the birth of the most basic casual style led to the provision of this accessory. But on the recent catwalks the borsalino is back, in very contemporary colors and motifs. An extraordinarily fascinating evergreen.