Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare

Very stimulating and attractive … red is the color of life (Christian Dior)

Red corresponds to energy, is attractive, extravagant, provocative, attracts attention. And it is the color of Christmas. Since prehistoric times this color symbolically refers to the principle of life. December 25th is a particularly significant date for both the religious and the pagan sectors: Christian religious birth and at the same time a pagan renaissance, linked to the propitiatory rites for the new year’s harvest. In the Renaissance brides also wore red, a symbol of joy and prestige. Later it became the emblem of royalty, the cloaks worn with ermine worn by the highest authorities. The bishop Saint Nicholas of Bari, patron saint of children, is iconographically represented dressed in red, just like the habit of Santa Claus that descends from him. The greatest fashion geniuses have always been fascinated by the heterogeneity that this color can express. So perfect also and especially in this period of parties.