Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare

Let’s get rich in our mutual differences (Paul Valéry)


The Turin FAI Delegation promotes an experimental training course on the history, art and architecture of Turin for cultural and artistic mediators.The course is mainly addressed to citizens of foreign origin and to all those interested in the subjects and who work in various capacities with associations of foreigners.It will take place in Turin from 26/1/2019 to 9/3/2019 and will include 14 meetings, including 7 theoretical lessons at the Accorsi Foundation, in via Po 55 – which offers its headquarters – and 7 visits to the city, with guides enabled.Two objectives of the initiative: to involve citizens of foreign origin who live in Turin in the use of the artistic and cultural heritage of the city and encourage the creation of a group of volunteers who can work with the Turin FAI Delegation on the occasion of cultural initiatives promoted .The course aims to train “cultural artistic mediators”, or people interested in art and culture and willing to transmit everything learned. It is specified that does not form professional figures and is not oriented to the offer of a job.At the end of the lessons, the certificate of participation of cultural artistic mediator will be presented.This initiative is part of the FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano project in the context of “FAI bridge between cultures”, which aims to encourage the involvement and comparison of communities of foreign origin in national cultural life.”FAI bridge between cultures” is the evolution of “Art, a bridge between cultures” the project created by the Associazione Amici del FAI born in Brescia in 2008 to respond to the need to involve people of foreign origin in the cultural events of the Lombard city . Since 2018 the project has been managed by the FAI with the goal

to spread it in a structured manner on the national territory through the territorial network of the FAI.

And on February 9th I’ll talk about costume history …

Registration is open until 11/12/2018.

To register: send the complete registration form of your data by post or hand it to the following address: FAI Delegation Turin – Via Giolitti 19, 10121 Turin.

The registration form can also be sent by email to the following address:


For more information:

FAI Turin Delegation

Email torino@delegazionefai.fondoambiente .it

Tel. 011/530979 – 10.30 / 14.30