Lo stile è il modo di raccontare chi sei senza parlare

Each generation laughs at old fashions, but religiously follows new ones (Henry David Thoreau)

The world of fashion has always been a harbinger of neologisms connected to new trends. Among the current and most common we find the terms sporty-chic and athleisure. The sporty-chic style was born on the catwalks of last winter and consists of combining some items of clothing of sports origin such as sweatshirts, tracksuits and sneakers with decidedly more refined fabrics and accessories. The athleisure marks the union between sportswear and formal wear, a casual genre designed to be worn for both exercise and general use. Practical, versatile and made with refined materials. New styles that owe their origin to the desire for comfort inherent in everyone. But with that touch of fashion in perfect harmony with the dynamic and active lifestyle of our days.